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Monday, May 27, 2013

updated May 27, 2013.

The Huffington Post has published dozens of my photographs over the past year or so; here're some I shot of San Francisco (for an article I wrote about S.F.). Click here to see it:

This website features photographs shot solely by Paul Iorio.

Paul's photos have appeared in The Huffington Post, The Washington Post, The San Francisco Chronicle and elsewhere. .


By the way, none of these photos has been photoshopped, staged or altered in any way (except for cropping).

San Francisco City Hall (7/19/2011).

The view from the Ferry Building Market, San Francisco,7/19/2011.


The North Tower, 1985.


Wall Street on a Sunday morning is such a placid place, or at least it was when I shot this photo in 1985.


I shot this photo of Istanbul, Turkey, in August 1976, from the Galata Bridge.


Wilco's Jeff Tweedy, playing a solo acoustic set
in San Francisco, Oct. 5, 2007.


An unusual picture of a chair thrown into a Puzzle Tree on the campus of the University of California at Berkeley.

Former vice president Al Gore at the podium in Berkeley, California, October 2006.

By the way, the San Francisco Chronicle published a strikingly similar photo in October 2007 but, no, they didn't steal it from me! My other Gore pics are at

Former president Bill Clinton mobbed by fans in San Francisco, November 1, 2006.

A few of my other pictures of Clinton are posted at:

Bill Clinton and the New York skyline, as seen from Liberty State Park in Jersey City, August 1, 1994. [I shot around 40 pictures of the event and may post others soon.]


John Mellencamp performing in San Francisco's
Golden Gate Park, Oct. 5. 2007 (Some of my other photos of
this concert fest are at


A Gull on a boat near the Bay Bridge in San Francisco Bay.


I walked into a mini-riot at an eco-protest in Berkeley, Calif., on September 6, 2008, and shot this picture of it. For the record, the guy on the ground clashed with cops and was tossed around and beaten. (If the bluriness creates a sense of being in the midst of the melee and being jostled, that's because I was!) [photo by Paul Iorio.]


The San Francisco skyline, with a few Victorians in the foreground, from Alama Sq.


Wax drippings at a streetside memorial for a Dartmouth College student who was slain in Berkeley.

A monochromatic Ocean Beach in San Francisco, desolate except for a flock of Gulls.


An activist championing an obscure cause at the epicenter of protest, Telegraph Avenue and Sproul Plaza in Berkeley, Calif.


Here's one of my photos published by The Washington Post (March 24, 2002), of an eatery in San Francisco.


The afterglow of a sunset over the Texas panhandle, around Guthrie, from 30,000 feet.

Reflections, a mirror, an enigmatic sculpture and a Berkeley sidewalk, 2006.

Sen. Barack Obama, speaking before 12,000 supporters in Oakland, California, on March 17, 2007.

The Obama Store, Oakland, Calif., March 2007.


Disney Hall in Los Angeles, 2005.

Downtown San Francisco, 2006.

On one of those rare days when the protective fence (that keeps visitors at a distance) was removed, I shot this replica of a sculpture by Lorenzo Ghiberti, which adorns the Gates of Paradise in San Francisco.

Another 10 of my Ghiberti photos are at:

The San Francisco City Hall building, as seen through a window with bird decals on it.

Chinatown streetscape, San Francisco.

The mountains just north of Los Angeles, as seen from an altitude of around 10,000 feet.

The crowd outside a Rolling Stones concert in San Francisco, November 2005.


Robert Plant and Alison Krauss perform with bandmates at Golden Gate Park in San Francisco, October 2, 2008.


The San Francisco skyline, as seen from a boat around sunrise.


The Colorado Rockies, from 30,000 feet.

A dozen of my other photos shot from airplane windows are posted at:


A redwood log cabin from around 1906, on the campus at Berkeley.


An exhibit of rare and exotic guitars on Addison Street in Berkeley.


Grant's Tomb in Manhattan.


San Francisco cityscape, near the Embarcadero.

The military protects a porno palace on Market Street in San Francisco during a Veteran's day parade.


An old smallpox hospital on Roosevelt Island in N.Y. (that's the United Nations building in the background).

The house on Fulton St. in San Francisco where the Jefferson Airplane lived in the 1960s.

In its original incarnation, this was a terrific photo of a vast field of bright yellow sunflowers in Thrace, in far westernmost Turkey, against a very blue sky, though you wouldn't know it from this scan of my 31-year-old slide. I hope to turn this slide into a photo that I'll then scan and post, but for now this will have to do. Shot by me in westernmost Turkey, near the Bulgarian border, in August 1976, when I was a teenager traveling alone through the region.


Seattle's Denny Park, as seen through windows that are both clear and painted at a bus stop (2002).


Downtown Tijuana on presidential election day in Mexico, July 2, 2000 (note all the campaign flyers flying from the wires at Ninos Heroes and Calle Juarez). I was in town on assignment for The Washington Post.



My picture of Seattle's Subpop, which ran in The Washington Post on November 10, 2002.

My photo of the house in Los Angeles used as the model for the house in the TV series "Leave It to Beaver," which was published in The San Francisco Chronicle (August 17, 1997).


I happened upon Woody Allen and Mia Farrow one afternoon in 1984 on the Upper West Side and snapped this photo.


Jose Feliciano, onstage at an outdoor concert, circa 1977.


Bob Dylan and Joan Baez, live in April 25, 1976.


Bob Dylan, Roger McGuinn and the Rolling Thunder Revue, performing in May 1976.


The Kinks -- that's Ray Davies on the left with Dave Davies -- performing in Florida on May 8, 1977.







Graffiti in San Francisco on the day the U.S. attacked Iraq in 2003.


Anti-war protesters waving at office workers in high-rises on Market St. in San Francisco, urging them to come down to the street to join the demonstration. March 20, 2003.

"WAR," blares the headline in this San Francisco cul-de-sac, March 20, 2003.


More protesters in SF, 3/20/03.


Another group of anti-Iraq warriors, 3/20/03.


Columbia University, during the anti-apartheid protests of the spring of 1985.


Los Angeles, around 2000.


Napa, California, 2002.

hedonistic t-shirts in Tijuana.


Looking out a double window on the third floor of Stanford University's museum of art.

...And here I am, in front of a Mark Rothko!

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